Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Delirium is an exciting "Giver-like" book which takes readers into a stable and controlled environment.  In this book, the government strives to save their people from the dreaded Amor Deliria Nervosa or love.  The government performs an opporation on every boy and girl as they turn sixteen.  Individuals are taught to fear love, calling it the deadliest of all deadly things.  They study Romeo and Juliet as a cautionary tale.  Lena always bought into the company line, until she met Alex.  This is a fantastic tale of tragic forbidden love!

A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches is a inventive novel about witches, vampires, and demons.  The heroine of the story is Diana Bishop, the last in the line of witch first killed in the Salem Witch Trials.  While she wants nothing to do with magic, she uncovers a rare and bewitched manuscript in the Oxford library.  Before she knows it Oxford is crawling with witches, vampires, and demons looking to get their hands on the manuscript.  Diana meets a sexy and powerful vampire named Matthew who has appeared after the manuscript was discovered.  Diana must sort through many conflicting stories and theories regarding the manuscript, her fellow witches, and her history.  The characters in this book are amazingly developed.  I really enjoyed Diana's hilarious and homosexual aunts who are her support though out this journey. 

The Secret Lives of Dresses

I read this book right when it came out in February.  It is a fairly short book and moved quickly so it took me no time at all to finish it.  I could hardly put it down.  The main character, Dora, lives a vague life without much purpose or direction.  When her grandmother gets sick, she is forced to move home and take over her grandmother's vintage clothing shop.  Dora discovers that her grandmother has been writing and giving "secret lives" for the dresses in her shop.  The descriptions of the clothing in this book are absolutely beautiful.  The Secret Lives of Dresses is a heart felt, moving story about a wayward girl who finds a life full of meaning.